How to Restore a Damaged Online Reputation

Your online reputation plays a crucial store in the success of your business. It’s now easy for anyone to write something about you, may it be good or bad. Unfortunately, you cannot please everybody, so although you do your best to give quality products or services, you may still receive bad feedback from time to time. It happens even to the most popular brands. However, if there are more bad reviews than good ones, and you do not do something about it, it could cost you your business. If you have a damaged online reputation, it’s never too late to save it. Here are some tips to help you recover.

Improve your SEO

Besides malicious posts that are proven to be untrue or fabricated to cause damage to your name, you cannot remove the negative feedback from other people. The best way to deal with them is to bury them from searches, and you can do that by improving your SEO. Perform keyword research and share quality and relevant content to rank on search results. Then, when users search for your company, your content will appear, and it will push the bad reviews down the results. Most users check only the first two pages, so there is little chance that they will notice those bad reviews. 

Request Google to remove page or site

As mentioned, it’s possible to remove negative words that damage your reputation if they are untrue or intentionally made to defame you, even when they are lies. You may request Google to remove the pages or sites that fall under this. You may also appeal to third-party review sites to remove fake reviews created to damage your brand. For example, someone may post something bad about your product or how you dealt with them when you did not even have transactions with them, or the incident they wrote about never happened. An online reputation repair company can assist you with this and help you find other ways to rebuild your brand. 

Respond to complaints as soon as possible

Customers can easily share their feedback about your company. For example, if you are in Walmart Marketplace, they have the option to leave a review if they purchase your products, and it could be damaging. Be calm when responding to complaints or bad reviews. Fighting fire with fire will only worsen the situation. It will enrage the customer more, and it would also disappoint other clients how you deal with the problem. However, if you respond professionally and promptly, you can even turn the table and win the customer back. Others will also admire you for how you deal with your clients, which will encourage them to do business with you. 

Use social media to build a relationship with clients

Social media is a powerful tool in restoring a damaged online reputation. Many people actively use these platforms, including Facebook. Take advantage of their popularity to connect with both new and existing clients. Post regularly and communicate with your followers. As you build a relationship with them, they become loyal to you. They could help promote your brand and leave good words. 

Monitor your online reputation

It’s essential to monitor what people say about you online, so you can act immediately when you see something that could damage your reputation. You can use tools for this, including Google Alerts that will notify you when there’s a mention of your brand.

To conclude

Your online reputation can make or break your business. If it’s damaged, act right away to rebuild your name, and be sure to actively monitor it to prevent things from getting worse in the future.