June 15, 2021

Realization Of Lessons Plays A Part In Taking Control Of Your Business

Realization Of Lessons Plays A Part In Taking Control Of Your Business


Working for yourself and attracting customers includes learning from your business mistakes. When a business owner makes big errors in business and does not recognize those errors, not learning from those mistakes could cost the owner, his business. I had a meeting with a well- respected antique dealer one Saturday, whom I heard so much about.

She sells 18th century antiques and African, Indian and Chinese artifacts. You name it. She told me that she hired a new marketing firm and she was so excited with the work that was done to her shop.  Wow, I was getting excited! I couldn’t wait to see the magnificent pieces that so many of my associates Eco-Friendly Stationert have been talking about. A few days later I drove to her store. I couldn’t believe my eyes; my mouth dropped. The display window had yellow and white lights surrounding it and the name of the store was in green neon lights.

There was a large gorilla statue standing next to the door.  Did I drive to the wrong store? That’s it! This is mistake! I pulled out the antique dealer’s business card and checked the address. Yep, this is the right place. I got out of my car and slowly walked to the door, making sure I didn’t touch the gorilla figure.  When I walked in, instead of a REAL LIVE salesperson at the front, there was a computerized dummy next to the front window. A sales lady came out from one of the corridors to greet me. I walked around and didn’t see any of the artifacts that I was really looking forward to seeing. Did the antique dealer get rid of them? Who told this dealer that marketing her antique shop in this way would bring her more business?

Where did she get this marketing firm that she bragged so much about? I called the antique dealer later, inquiring on those artifacts that got so much attention; she said that her marketing team strongly advised her to only use those items for seasonal displays.  I was mortified. How could someone with so much experience and talent, be led to make such drastic business mistakes? To resolve business blunders that you have made in the past, you first need to:

Focus on what you want, not where you’ve been. Admit your business mistakes and move on.  Don’t get stuck on the business errors you have made.

Review and discuss any problems that may come your way. This helps to bring much needed change to your Company.

Be determined to reach your goals. Don’t let setbacks un-motivate you.

Don’t dwell on ‘roadblocks’ that you have no control over. Deal with the situations you can control.

To grow your business by obtaining more sales, requires you to realize and learn from any business blunders you have made. A business that does not implement lessons learned, will have problems growing in these competitive times. Take a step now to strengthen your business.