Should You Choose a Small Remote Controlled Helicopter?

Many are now buying a best universal remote control. This kind of remote can control many gadgets in the house. With just one remote, a homeowner can control his TV and Home Theater System, DVD, computers, and more. Having this kind of device makes life simple in the sense that you do not need to look and get confused with all the different sorts of remotes to control a specific gadget; one best universal remote will control all of the devices.

The remotes have been encoded to control 433 mhz remote control different gadgets. On top of that, some of the remote controls have a feature that allows you to control multiple gadgets simultaneously with a single press of a button. These are known to make life convenient and indeed clutter free. In this article, you will find an overview of three remotes that can be considered to run the different gadgets in your house.

1. Harmony 900- This can control up to 15 components. It is a touch screen remote that allows you get access to your favorites like television and music. It has radio frequency and is wireless; this means that you can control gadgets even if they are not in your view up to 100 feet. The buttons have a backlight which allows users to see easily even if the lights are dim. This is not powered by batteries as it has a recharging dock.

2. URC-R40 – This can control up to 18 components. It is easy to read with its OLED display which eats up less power than the LCD displays. It features a wizard that can help setting up and users can easily sort out their desired channels. The groups that one can make can be labeled and can hold up to two pages which allows for 48 favorites to be saved. It can also do Macros which means that it can do several commands all at one time with just one press of a button. The buttons also light up when the room becomes dim and it gives a warning when the battery is low. This runs on double A Alkaline batteries and has a limited warranty.

3. Acoustic Research ARRX18G-This can control up to 18 components which will help reduce the remote controls you have at home. It is a touch screen which has an LCD for display. It also has a radio frequency feature which allows you to control gadgets around the house. The remote is fairly easy to set up.

Check to see the catalog provided with the remote that you buy in order to view the kinds of brands that it can work with. Should something go wrong with your remote, you can always get the specific remotes of your gadgets to operate the system or you can do it manually by pressing on the gadget’s buttons.